How I Can Help You

How would you like to keep your fortune instead of lose it? How would you like not to live in fear for your life? How would you like to keep your friends, and avoid endless hassles, personal conflicts, requests for money, and lawsuits?

happy-familyI can help you:

  • Avoid the massive misfortunes of some who’ve won the lottery.
  • Reduce your hassles, and reduce your risks.
  • Keep your fortune instead of losing it!
  • Money does not necessarily bring happiness. Too often, it brings sorrow instead. I can help you both keep your wealth and achieve happiness.

To be a bit more specific, I can help you with:

  • Keeping your privacy and anonymity, if you haven’t gone public yet. Even if you’re in a state where lottery winners’ names are published, I may well be able to help you stay anonymous.
  • Avoiding problems before they start.
  • Helping you tell good advisors from bad ones, so that you can assemble the right team of advisors to help you.
  • Life consulting and coaching: Helping you sort out where to go from here, and how to make your new wealth your servant, not your master.

(Note: A lot of the above gets WAY more difficult after you’ve let the cat out of the bag that you’re a lottery winner. Still, there are things that can and should be done.)

So… Why me?

  • Absolute integrity and up-front transparency
  • Experienced in consulting with wealthy individuals
  • A proven problem-solver
  • Experienced at life, including a successful 20+ year marriage and parent of successful children
  • A National Merit Scholar (like Bill Gates of Microsoft & Jeff Bezos of, on your team
  • Dedicated to your best interest
  • You maintain control and decision-making authority over your assets and your life. Not me.
  • I can help you succeed in your personal life, not just be a lottery winner

Together, we’ll figure out what your problems are likely to be, and then we’ll make a plan to head them off. We’ll also make a plan to harness your new money power and actually improve your life.

If you’d like to talk about your situation and how I may be able to help you, send me an email at:



There’s no obligation, and I’m not going to subject you to some big “sales job.” I will do everything in my power to make sure that you end up better off than if you hadn’t contacted me. In fact, your savings — in money, hassle, and disaster — just may turn out to be enormous.

You truly have nothing to lose — so please, drop me that email, and let’s talk about your situation. smiley