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Ira Curry Takes Home $120 Million

Ira Curry of Georgia was one of two winners in Tuesday’s $636 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Ira will take home around $120 million. She came forward to claim the prize immediately — on Wednesday, the day after the lottery and the same day she found out she’d won. I would have advised her to take her time, of course.

But she also didn’t appear in a press conference (good move there) and has so far told reporters she wants privacy (also a good move).

By the way, I don’t feel like I’m adding to her public profile here — her name and her photo (which I won’t publish) are all over the news. They’re talking about her as far away as China.

So that particular cat is well out of the bag, and there’s no putting it back in. Those high-profile articles are going to last on the web for years to come. Maybe decades.

The only public statement I’ve seen says that Ira “hasn’t decided” what to do with the winnings. For the present, this is good move #3. She should make no quick commitments. She’s scrubbed her Facebook account — good move #4 — but quite a bit of information did leak out before she did, including some photos. Which of course is not as good.

Like other big winners, Ira needs to let the story die.

Now come the various challenges of life after the win. Fortunately, Ira’s own children are reportedly grown, which is probably a good thing. But she does have grandchildren in the mix. I hope she and her husband will be wise in how they deal with the family challenges, and especially the grandkids growing up in the shadow of $120 million. From the very little I’ve seen, Ira and her husband look like fairly astute individuals. That does give cause for optimism.